Many different disputes can come up in construction projects

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Many different disputes can come up in construction projects

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2015 | Construction Litigation

When a person is involved in a construction project, their hope generally is that the project will go as planned and that no legal hiccups will come up in relation to the project. Unfortunately, reality sometimes falls well below this ideal. Legal disputes sometimes arise during the course of a construction project.

Construction projects can involve many different parties, can have a large number of contracts and agreements connected to them, and can be subject to many different legal rules and mechanisms. Thus, it is not that surprising that there are many different kinds of construction project disputes that can come up.

Parties to a construction project may have disagreements over whether terms of a given contract related to the project have been met. Contractors and subcontractors sometimes end up in disputes. Legal battles can arise between a contractor and a supplier. A contractor could end up in a dispute with a property owner over defect allegations. Parties behind a construction project may get into disputes with a local zoning board over land use and zoning issues. And these are just a few examples of the different forms a construction dispute can take.

Given how much a party involved in a construction project can have riding on the project, they unsurprisingly can be quite concerned when a dispute arises. Among the things they may be worried about is what financial implications the dispute could have for them.

Our firm understands the importance of finding the right solution to a construction dispute. We can assist parties involved in construction projects in dealing with disputes that arise. We aim to provide our construction dispute clients with personal, individualized and solution-oriented legal help.

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