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February 2015 Archives

Lawmakers in many states pushing to make defect litigation harder

Nationwide, many of the current state statutes regulating construction defects were passed in the 1990s and 2000s. Now, lawmakers in many states are revisiting those statutes, seeking to make it more difficult to sue a builder or developer in order to prevent frivolous claims.

Tips for getting a loan for your new business

Most people looking to start a small business do not have the cash on hand to rent a location, buy the necessary equipment, pay employees’ salaries and handle other costs. For this reason, it is very common to finance a new business through a business loan.

Many different disputes can come up in construction projects

When a person is involved in a construction project, their hope generally is that the project will go as planned and that no legal hiccups will come up in relation to the project. Unfortunately, reality sometimes falls well below this ideal. Legal disputes sometimes arise during the course of a construction project.

What you must do before dissolving your business

Closing down your business does not have to be a sad time. Perhaps you want to retire. Or maybe you are ready to move on to new challenges, even though the business is financially healthy, and you do not want to sell to someone else. Of course, not wanting to deal with a struggling business is also a good reason to dissolve it.

Common legal theories in construction litigation

A property owner who claims that the builder or a subcontractor is responsible for a problem with the building has several possible legal theories upon which to base their lawsuit. Which one the owner chooses depends on the circumstances of the case, but a contractor or subcontractor has to be prepared for any one of these types of claims if it believes a suit is pending.