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January 2015 Archives

What is the process of buying a business in Illinois?

Starting a new business can be exciting for many people, but daunting for others. Those interested in owning a business, such as in the construction industry, may prefer instead to buy an existing business. This way, they inherit the company’s name, reputation, workforce and equipment.

Homeowners usually have limited time to sue builder for defect

Litigation related to construction defects can be expensive and time-consuming for Illinois builders. Every job could someday lead to an owner claiming that the company is responsible for a leaking roof, foundation problems and so on.

Disputes between owners and builders can arise over anything

Given the scope and complexity of many construction projects, it is perhaps no surprise that there a variety of disputes that can arise between the contractor, the property owner and subcontractors. From disagreements over the work to be done, to when workers can come in, to who is responsible for a defect, almost anything can turn into a legal fight, if the parties involved do not have a clear understanding of their rights and obligations before the project begins.

7 common defects construction companies are accused of making

A construction company that is accused of leaving a construction defect in a commercial property may have to go to court to defend themselves. Construction litigation can be very expensive to the builder, and even if the charges are false, the business could suffer serious damage to its reputation.

'Material' and 'immaterial' breaches of contract explained

Back on Sept. 5, we discussed breach of contract, and when a business may seek damages based on a breach in court. In that post, we mentioned that one of the elements of a breach of contract claim is that the breach must be material. Today, we will discuss the distinction between material and immaterial breaches.