Does my new business need to get a license?

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Does my new business need to get a license?

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2014 | Business Formation & Planning

As we have discussed in this blog in the past, there is more to a starting a new business in Illinois than just hanging a sign outside your front door. In fact, there are several steps that owners must take before they are legally able to open for business.

In almost every industry you can think of, one step the law requires is that you obtain some form of license or permit. Municipalities issue most of these licenses, but the State of Illinois or county governments cover some of the necessary licensure.

Even some home-based businesses may require a licensed, perhaps if the business involves customers coming into the home. Hours of operation may also come into play.

Just how involved the process of obtaining all necessary licenses for your business also depends on the nature of that business. Some licenses are fairly easy to get, but in other cases, you must submit to an inspection. Businesses in the latter category include restaurants, day care centers and manufacturing centers.

Because of the bureaucracy involved, it can take time to get your license application approved. Wise planning can help you time your moves so that you do not end up spending too much on rent and other costs before you are able to officially open your new business.

An attorney with experience advising people opening new businesses will know which licenses and permits any type of new business, and what the business owner must do to meet the legal requirements to acquire those licenses.

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