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December 2014 Archives

Dispute between neighbors causing long construction delay

Some construction disputes do not involve the builder directly, but instead are between the developer and neighboring property owners. Neighbors are not always thrilled with the owner’s plans for his or her property, and may have legal recourse to stop construction, at least until the issue is resolved.

What does the state require of a property manager?

Many landlords are unable or unwilling to handle the duties of keeping up their properties, dealing with tenants and so on. Property management companies can handle those tasks on landlords’ behalf, but as with virtually any other ongoing business arrangement between two parties, a contract is necessary.

Construction firm says VA breached contract, abandons project

At first blush, a contract to build a Veterans Administration hospital would seem to be a wonderful, lucrative opportunity for a construction company. But if the government does not competently oversee the project, delays can add up, costing the company time and money, and leading to major headaches.

Disclosure requirements a major factor in commercial real estate

When an individual or business buys a piece of real estate, they generally look around the property first to see if it will meet their needs. However, a walk-through inspection of a building will not reveal defects and problems that lie inside the walls, roof, floor or other key elements.

Does my new business need to get a license?

As we have discussed in this blog in the past, there is more to a starting a new business in Illinois than just hanging a sign outside your front door. In fact, there are several steps that owners must take before they are legally able to open for business.