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November 2014 Archives

Construction company settles over concert hall defect accusation

Big construction projects can mean big money for Illinois contractors, but they can also lead to a big headache if the owner claims the business caused defects in the project. Depending on the size of the project, the property owner could demand millions of dollars in compensation for the supposed negligence.

How do business partnerships work?

Starting a new business means creating a small business for most people. The average person lacks the financial resources to immediately hire hundreds of employees and set up locations around the country. At least at first, the business is likely to have a small workforce and a relatively simple management structure.

Construction companies need legal help against defect accusations

Fixing a construction defect is relatively easy while the project is still underway. Unfortunately, a lot of the time the property owner does not discover the problem until the job is done and the builder has moved on to other projects. It can be years before a serious defect comes to light.