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October 2014 Archives

4 ways to structure your new business

Back on Sept. 12, we discussed some of the steps involved in forming a new business in Illinois. That blog post mentioned that there are several ways to organize a business. Each form has different advantages and disadvantages, and it could make a big difference some day if anyone ever sues your business for some reason.

Common business torts

Disputes between businesses occur all the time. Some can be resolved with a simple phone call or an agreement to conduct business different. But if you are a business owner and a summons and complaint is served upon you, it may have a number of accusations and charges that you may not be familiar with.  As such, this post will highlight definitions of common business torts.

Tips on choosing a name for your new business

It may seem like a relatively simple or minor step, but coming up with the right name is an important part of forming a new business. The business’ name is your introduction to potential customers. A good name can help bring business in the door; a bad name can drive away clients.

Arbitration clause at issue in construction litigation

Many contracts in the construction industry include a clause that allows either party to compel the other to go to arbitration should a business dispute ever arise between them. But when a dispute actually occurs, sometimes one party objects to arbitration and wishes to go to court instead.