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September 2014 Archives

Negotiating a solid business contract can reduce litigation risk

Many Illinois businesses find themselves in a contract dispute sooner or later. Whether they find themselves accused of breach of contract, or must pursue litigation because of the actions of another party, contract disputes can be expensive, drawn out and difficult to resolve. It can also divert the business owners’ time and energy from actually conducting business.

What is the new business formation process in Illinois?

So you have an idea for a new business, and you are eager to set up shop. In Illinois, it takes more than finding a place to conduct business and hanging a sign on the front door. The law requires you to take certain steps in the formation of a new business first.

What is breach of contract?

For any Illinois business, it is common practice to enter into contracts with customers, vendors and other outside parties. For example, a restaurant could sign a contract with a produce supplier. In some cases, workers and employers sign employment contracts. It would be very difficult to do business without contracts.