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Reducing your kids' confusion after a divorce

Ending a marriage takes a toll on everyone involved. Divorce can be a confusing time for Illinois parents and children alike. If you are like most Illinois parents, you want to eliminate as much confusion for your children after the divorce. In order to do so, you and the other parent need to maintain some consistency between households.

When finances keep you together during an Illinois divorce

Many Illinois families struggle financially, and yours may be one of them. This could pose a problem if you and your spouse decided to divorce. In order to preserve your financial resources, you may decide to remain living in the same house until matters are settled.

Scaramucci's wife makes an uncommon divorce move

Illinois residents who follow the political scene know who Anthony Scaramucci is and that he used to be the Communications Director for the White House. What they may not have known is that he and his wife were expecting a child, but that did not stop his wife from filing for divorce. The fact that she did so late in her pregnancy is highly uncommon.

Technology meets family law in child custody cases

Technological advancements bring people here in Illinois and across the country closer than ever before. Now, these technologies may play a part in family law issues involving children. The growing concept of "virtual visitation" could become part of child custody orders.