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Contract Disputes Archives

News and opinion show host having contract disputes at MSNBC

Many MSNBC viewers in Illinois are familiar with the popular news and opinion show called "The Last Word," hosted by Lawrence O'Donnell. Some may not be aware, however, that the show may be in jeopardy as raging contract disputes appear to be threatening its success, even though ratings are reportedly on the rise. As rumors were making their way through the media, O'Donnell himself finally went public with his take on the situation.

Couple says contract negotiation included firewood they never got

A couple in another state is currently battling a particular tree removal service for a refund of money they apparently paid as an initial deposit as per a signed agreement. The couple claims they paid the company half the total price to remove trees from an area where they planned to build their dream retirement home. Contract negotiation also included an agreement stating the company would stack all cut timber as firewood as the job was completed. There may be one or more Illinois couples who can relate to this out-of-state situation.

Navigating the civil justice system in contract disputes

When an Illinois resident signs an agreement with a financial lender, he or she becomes responsible for fulfilling any and all obligations therein. If the person believes another party has failed to adhere to the terms of an agreement, or has in some other way breached a contract, a lawsuit can be filed in a civil court to rectify the situation, if needed. Contract disputes are not that uncommon; however, many are quite complicated and difficult to resolve without experienced assistance.

Contract disputes between Monsanto and another seed company

Illinois farmers and many home gardeners are likely familiar with Monsanto. The company is a lead manufacturer of genetically engineered seeds and glyphosate-based products such as Roundup. Many people who advocate sustainable farming adamantly oppose the products made by Monsanto as well as the political and regulatory power the company seems to have. The agrochemical mogul is also no stranger to contract disputes; however, its representatives may have been surprised when a recent ruling did not go their way in court.

Contract negotiation didn't go so well, workers strike

There have been many times in Illinois where a dissatisfied worker walks off the job. This is not all that uncommon in today's business world. However, when 17,000 employees do so together, it's a clear sign that a contract negotiation might not have gone so well.

Contract disputes result in shutting down of theater group

In Illinois and elsewhere, behind the scenes of community theater productions is often said to be wrought with as much drama as the stage. From actors that don't get along to sordid love affairs between cast members, one never knows what goes on when the curtain closes. Contract disputes are also not uncommon and, if left unresolved can lead to serious problems.

Skilled representation often crucial to contract negotiation

Signed agreements are highly customizable documents that are integral components of many Illinois business relationships. Some contracts last several years while others are renewed or terminated sooner. Whether entering an agreement for the first time, or submitting new proposals when an existing contract expires, contract negotiation is typically an important part of the process.

Teachers end strike, but contract disputes remain unresolved

Illinois teachers can likely relate to a group of educators in another area who have been battling district administrators for months over several unresolved issues related to their contracts. Contract disputes within the field of education can cause negative repercussions for more people than those directly involved. Teachers' strikes often mean there is no one in the classrooms to instruct the children. Sometimes substitutes are brought in for this purpose; however, they are not typically able to teach a full curriculum.

Contract disputes rage on between DirecTV and Hearst Television

DirecTV subscribers in Illinois may be among others across the nation who are feeling frustrated when they try to watch their favorite television programs and discover the stations have been blocked. Contract disputes between DirecTV and Hearst Television are apparently the cause of the stations being pulled. Some say there is no likely end in sight to the current dispute.

Contract disputes resolved: Heavy metal band to be paid millions

Arguments often arise between recording artists and their record label companies. It is not uncommon for rock stars to switch labels when they become more popular or are otherwise dissatisfied with the services they have received. Contract disputes that have been ongoing for five years between the heavy metal band known as A Day to Remember and Victory Records were recently resolved in the band's favor in a courtroom outside Illinois.