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Construction Litigation Archives

Illinois home builder disputes sometimes involve city government

A recent disagreement between a city government and a private community member has made the news. The Illinois home builder disputes involve the construction of a garage roof at a man's home. The city filed a lawsuit, claiming that he was taking too long to get the job done.

Expert witnesses are often key in construction litigation

As we have mentioned before in this blog, construction litigation often comes down to the testimony of expert witnesses. Each side usually will bring in an expert to evaluate the alleged defects. They may come up with very different interpretations of the evidence, and it could be up to the judge or jury to decide which expert’s opinion they find most credible.

University says dorm's floor construction makes it ugly

While most of the construction litigation we discuss on this blog has to do with accusations of work that left the building crumbling or unsafe, that is not always the case. In the case we will discuss today, the plaintiff admits that the building the defendant firms worked on is perfectly safe. Instead, the case is about whether the builders’ work is nice to look at.

How a subcontractor shows it is legitimate in Illinois

When a construction job is large or complex, it is common for more than one company to be involved. The builder hired by the owner may in turn reach agreements with other companies to perform certain portions of the construction. These secondary businesses are known as subcontractors, because they contract with the primary company, known as the general contractor.

Court throws out condo document amendment in construction suit

A court ruling from outside of Illinois shows how complex dealing with complaints from a condominium’s homeowner’s association of alleged construction defects can be. Homeowner’s associations usually have governing documents, which are open to interpretation and can be amended over time.

The difference between obvious and hidden construction defects

Some construction defects are obvious, perhaps even to a layperson. Other times, the new construction or remodel seems to have been done properly, but a hidden defect is lying in wait, potentially able to cause serious damage to the property.

Illinois financial adviser settles govt. complaint

An Illinois financial planning firm has settled claims filed against it by the state Department of Insurance that the business misled customers. Afterward, the owner of the firm said in The State Journal-Register that none of his customers ever complained about his services, and denied that he defrauded any of them.

Judge rejects injunction on Wrigley Field's new video board

The Chicago Cubs prevailed in federal court recently, allowing its massive $375 million remodeling of Wrigley Field to continue. The judge in the case dismissed claims from nearby rooftop clubs that the stadium’s new video board blocks their view of the field.

Categories of construction defects explained

Most construction jobs end with a finished, well-built home or place of business. Occasionally, however, something goes wrong after construction is complete, and the owner accuses the contractor of allowing a defect to occur. If the construction company and the owner cannot settle the matter out of court, it may be necessary for the company to defend itself in court.