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June 2017 Archives

Real estate transactions central focus of current lawsuit

There's a problem brewing in another state that has both sides of a particular issue on edge and fighting to win the court's favor. High asset real estate transactions like this one are often complex, and when problems arise, it may take considerable time to process through written agreements, state laws and other key variables before the court can make a well-informed decision. Over $400 million is at stake in this situation, which most people in Illinois would consider a substantial amount of money.

Prize fighter, Nate Diaz in contract disputes with sports agency

It's not always smooth sailing when it comes to business relationships in Illinois. In fact, contract disputes happen often and aren't always easy to resolve. UFC fighter, Nate Diaz knows how that is as he's currently engaged in an particular ongoing battle with a sports agency known as The Ballengee Group.

Major divorce problem: Hidden Assets

Severing marital ties can be quite stressful, especially if a soon-to-be former spouse resorts to unlawful behavior during proceedings. Some Illinois residents may relate to a common divorce problem regarding hidden assets. This state operates under equitable property division laws, meaning each spouse is entitled to a fair share of all jointly owned assets in divorce.

Where to seek general counsel services for mergers and the like

The business scene in Illinois and throughout the nation is an ever-changing, unpredictable landscape. It's often possible to analyze current trends, but even the most savvy and educated business professionals are unable know for sure what the state of the economy will be a year or more from now. Business transactions are risky, even in a stabilized economic setting. This is why many business owners choose to seek general counsel services on a regular basis.

Business valuation necessary if plan is to exchange assets

Many changes occur in a married couple's life when they choose to divorce. If they have children and/or own a business together, the challenges that arise may feel overwhelming at times. When it comes to dividing assets, the Illinois court system follows equitable division guidelines. Some couples agree to forfeit certain assets in exchange for others. If this plan involves a business, a business valuation is typically necessary to determine net worth.

Illinois teachers may relate to contract negotiation problems

How important are words? If the question were specific to contractual agreements, then the answer would be that they are extremely important. In fact, a single word in a contract can sometimes change the entire meaning of an agreement. A group of teachers in a state outside Illinois appear to grasp this concept because they are fighting for specific language pertaining to employee transfers (among other things) in their current contract negotiation.