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Closing problems frequent issue in real estate transactions

Buying a house or new business in Illinois is typically an exciting experience. From start to finish, bringing real estate transactions to fruition can take months. When problems arise, buyers and sellers may suffer substantial delays. One thing everyone typically hopes for, but don't always get, is a smooth closing.

Closing disputes are not uncommon in the real estate world. There are several practical ideas to keep in mind to keep stress levels at a minimum and resolve disagreements as quickly and satisfactorily as possible without damaging the bottom line. It's often helpful to have an experienced commercial real estate attorney on hand to negotiate closing terms and settle disputes as they arise.

Summer vacation doesn't mean your visitation rights go on hiatus

When you became one of many other divorced parents in Illinois, you likely determined you'd not allow the situation to cause a breakdown in your relationship with your children. You worked long and hard to negotiate a viable visitation plan. However, with summer vacation just around the bend, you may now be worried how it might affect your current custody agreement.

As a noncustodial parent, you may have been told you cannot travel with your children. This is not necessarily true, especially if the court has determined that ample time with both parents to be in your children's best interests. Sometimes, the court does rule that you must seek its permission before taking your children away from the court's jurisdiction.

Navigating the civil justice system in contract disputes

When an Illinois resident signs an agreement with a financial lender, he or she becomes responsible for fulfilling any and all obligations therein. If the person believes another party has failed to adhere to the terms of an agreement, or has in some other way breached a contract, a lawsuit can be filed in a civil court to rectify the situation, if needed. Contract disputes are not that uncommon; however, many are quite complicated and difficult to resolve without experienced assistance.

A woman in another state is currently battling a contract issue against a financial lending company from whom she secured a loan in 1995. At that time, she agreed to make monthly payments for the next 20 years. The woman claims she has clearly satisfied all the terms of her contract; yet, the lender apparently claims that she still owes in excess of $5,000.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner heading for very friendly divorce

Some Illinois parents understand what's like to end their marital ties, then face months (or years) of courtroom battles regarding various issues relating to their children. Not every divorce is contentious, however. In fact, some people (such as Hollywood stars Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner) are so determined to keep their children's best interests at heart, one might think they were best friends rather than married spouses in the midst of divorce proceedings.

News that Affleck and Garner had officially filed for divorce recently made its way through the media. Many fans were likely surprised to see photos of the former couple out on the town together during the recent Easter holiday. The two were reportedly photographed coming out of a church.

Who gets to say what is best when child custody issues arise?

Some of the Illinois divorces that occur this year will involve parents who want to keep their children's best interests at heart as they sever marital ties and move forward to new lifestyles. Most parents agree that keeping what's best for children a main focal point is of paramount importance in divorce. In fact, the courts require it. The question is: Who gets to define that when child custody issues arise?

What happens when one parent's opinion varies greatly from the other? In some situations, parents are able to negotiate fair and reasonable agreements. Compromise and cooperation are key factors in obtaining workable solutions to these types of problems.

What is virtual visitation, you ask?

Illinois parents who divorce face many challenging issues concerning their children. First of all, decisions about very basic matters, such as where children will live after a divorce is finalized, must be made. If parents agree on such matters, the court need merely approve their plan to move forward in life. However, if disagreements regarding visitation, custody or support arise, outside intervention may be needed to rectify a particular problem.

Nowadays, many parents get creative to find ways to compromise and encourage healthy, ongoing relationships with their children. However, when communication breakdown has occurred, arguments often arise over seemingly minor matters. Take virtual visitation, for example.

Contract disputes between Monsanto and another seed company

Illinois farmers and many home gardeners are likely familiar with Monsanto. The company is a lead manufacturer of genetically engineered seeds and glyphosate-based products such as Roundup. Many people who advocate sustainable farming adamantly oppose the products made by Monsanto as well as the political and regulatory power the company seems to have. The agrochemical mogul is also no stranger to contract disputes; however, its representatives may have been surprised when a recent ruling did not go their way in court.

This particular issue pertained to an earlier agreement signed between Monsanto and another major seed-producing company. For some reason, Monsanto unexpectedly canceled the contract and joined forces with a different company. With the help of its new partner, Monsanto then filed a lawsuit against its former alliance for copyright infringement and non-permitted use of its technology.

Contract negotiation didn't go so well, workers strike

There have been many times in Illinois where a dissatisfied worker walks off the job. This is not all that uncommon in today's business world. However, when 17,000 employees do so together, it's a clear sign that a contract negotiation might not have gone so well.

Unionized workers from AT&T have banded together to make their voices heard regarding several important issues that have negatively affected their jobs. For one, they say they've been performing duties typically assigned to higher paid employees, except they have not been adequately compensated for their efforts. The workers are also reportedly angry about the company's hiring of overseas workers.

Developer sues for millions in breach of contract claim

Vacant buildings dot Illinois urban landscapes as many others do in cities throughout the nation. Such structures can become eyesores if left unattended for extended periods of times. A developer in another state had plans to renovate a particular building and bought it from a city in another state. The same developer has since filed a lawsuit, however, claiming that city officials committed a breach of contract

The $600,000 deal apparently included a contingency that required the city to lease back 14,000 square feet of the building once the developer purchased it. The developer was planning to convert the structure into commercial spaces, as well as private apartment dwellings. The city was reportedly planning to use its rented sections for a visitor's center, economic development office and a cultural affairs department.

Ways to avoid stress during divorce

When you got married, you likely never imagined you'd one day be standing in an Illinois courtroom fighting for custody of your children. While most couples hope their unions will last a lifetime, the reality is that many marriages are at some risk for divorce. What makes one couple decide to stay together and another to divide their assets and go their separate ways is different for everyone.

One thing is certain: divorce is seldom easy. So many decisions have to be made, especially if children are involved. For those who have been married for two or three decades, it can be quite overwhelming to begin single lives after so many years as spouses.